Terms of

While specific terms and conditions may vary, here is a general list of terms and conditions that individuals may need to consider when signing up for services at WPNC:

Privacy Policy: Clients may need to acknowledge and adhere to WPNC’s privacy policy, ensuring the confidentiality of their personal and health-related information.

Payment Terms: The terms and conditions should clearly outline the details of service fees, payment methods, and any applicable charges or refunds.

Specify cancellation and rescheduling policies, including any associated fees or notice periods.

Client Responsibilities: Clients may need to understand and commit to their responsibilities, such as providing accurate health information, attending scheduled sessions, and actively participating in recommended activities.

If applicable, include terms related to insurance coverage, reimbursement, or claim submission in the Insurance and Reimbursement section.

Code of Conduct: Clients must adhere to a code of conduct that outlines respectful and appropriate behavior during sessions and within WPNC premises.

Clients will be informed about the confidentiality of their sessions and the limitations under which information may be shared, in compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Termination of Services: The conditions under which WPNC or the client may terminate services, along with any associated consequences, should be clearly outlined.

Procedures for providing feedback or addressing complaints should be detailed to ensure a transparent and constructive resolution process.

Before signing up for WPNC services, individuals must carefully review and understand these terms and conditions, and they should seek clarification on any aspects they find unclear.

Frequently Ask Questions

Psychology services focus on mental well-being, utilising therapies like CBT and positive psychology. Nutrition services emphasise dietary aspects, offering consultations, assessments, and mindful eating guidance.

CBT empowers individuals by identifying and changing negative thought patterns and behaviours, fostering a proactive mindset to prevent mental health challenges.

Hypnotherapy sessions involve guided hypnosis to induce deep relaxation, enhance receptivity to positive suggestions, and are particularly tailored to overcome mental and emotional obstacles.

Positive psychology coaching explores personal strengths, values, and aspirations, guiding individuals towards fulfilling careers aligned with their authentic selves and fostering personal and professional growth.

Mindful eating at WPNC involves cultivating awareness around eating habits, promoting a healthier relationship with food, and contributing to overall well-being.

Mental spa sessions at WPNC offer relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and stress reduction activities, promoting mental well-being and providing tools for daily life.

WPNC services are typically self-pay. It’s advisable to check with your insurance provider regarding coverage for specific services.

The frequency of sessions varies based on individual needs and goals. During the initial assessment, we will discuss a personalized plan.

Yes, WPNC offers group sessions and workshops to create a collaborative and supportive environment, promoting shared experiences and well-being.


Absolutely. WPNC tailors services to address specific concerns, ensuring personalised approaches for mental health or dietary needs.